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The Hungry Hatch started from the desire to provide Kansas City with healthy street food options in 2018.

At the time I was working as a Technology Integration Specialist at West Platte School District and on the weekends. I would help on another food truck. After a full summer on the food truck scene, I fell in love with serving food to people and wanted to start my own food truck! 

For my food truck concept I wanted to focus on healthy lifestyles and dietary needs.

In the fall of 2018, I found my food truck and then worked up a menu that would be food truck-friendly. I enjoyed my job supporting and collaborating with teachers, training and assisting them in integrating technology into their lesson plans, and they were the first to collaborate and support me with trying out my new menu concept!

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In the spring of 2019, I put in my notice with the school district,

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and invited my daughter, Katie, to join me in this new adventure. When we started I was apprehensive about my concept. Would anyone want to eat healthy foods from a food truck?  By the end of the season, from April 25 to November 5, we worked 130 food truck events proving that people are in fact looking for healthy delicious options!

Because of our popularity and reputation for healthy, delicious food

we were approached by Parlor KC to bring our concept to downtown Kansas City, where we started building a large following with a repeat customer base. Having a brick-and-mortar allowed us to expand our menu and try new additions to our concept by adding all-natural smoothie bowls and cold-pressed juices.


Due to challenges of opening a new restaurant during COVID —


the staffing shortage and long hours at Parlor, plus running the food truck — we were forced to shut our doors at Parlor.  Two weeks later The City Market offered us a spot to open our restaurant there! This was a HUGE opportunity because our Commissary Kitchen for our food truck was also at The City Market, so having both businesses at the same location would alleviate many challenges.


Not only is our food delicious and healthy for everyone, our menu is unique and created for fast service.

The Hatch menu consists of a variety of wraps, rice and quinoa bowls, salads inspired by different places around the world, as well as smoothie bowls, fresh cold-press juices, and breakfast bowls and wraps. It fits lifestyle diets such as gluten or dairy free, keto, mediterranean, paleo, vegan and vegetarian.

Our Beginnings
To Restaurant
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