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Picking Up the Truck

My husband and the seller were concerned about us driving the truck 1000 miles across the US. Hubby requested they have the food truck taken to a mechanic to have it tuned up to make the journey back safely. When we arrived in New Mexico the truck was sitting in the shop. We ended up waiting the whole day while it was getting worked on.

When the sellers, arrived they showed us how to operate the different parts of the food truck and then we took it for a test drive and drove to their house to pick up other supplies. Although there was still so many questions about the truck, it was getting dark and late and we had a long journey ahead of us. We said our goodbyes and Cristian jumped into the truck to go. It wouldn’t start!

It was the first time I kinda questioned my decision to purchase this truck. We ended up jump starting the battery with the pickup and were ready to roll to drive 1000 miles north with a 1985 Chevy food truck.

Was the truck going to make it?

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