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The Drive Home Pt. 1

The Hungry Hatch Speedometer
Driving without a speedometer!

We stopped to fill up the truck with gas and headed up the mountain from New Mexico back to Kansas City. The truck was showing its age as it barely hit 65 mph! Oh, I don’t think I had mentioned it yet, but the speedometer doesn’t work so we ended up having to download an app to track our speed. Hubby drove us out of the city for about 5 hours and then we stopped for the night at a rest area and slept in his pickup.

Bright and early the next day, I jumped into the truck to take my turn driving. I’ve never driven a big truck in my life (well unless you count the time I drove a U-Haul by myself!) and I knew I needed to get myself into the saddle right away and overcome my apprehensions. It was going to be a long 20 hours and surely I would feel more confident by the end of the trip! I plugged in my headphones, turned on the speedometer app and away we went.

Something I learned right away about driving big trucks is it feels like when you go around corners the truck might tip over. I had to laugh at myself for trying to tilt my body in the opposite direction as if I was going to keep it from tipping over!

The Hungry Hatch Driver's Seat
Driver's Seat

Well as I headed down the road, I really started to bond with the truck, as weird as that my sound! They truly have their own personalities! I started talking to the truck to calm my nerves.

"Hatch, we've got this! You are going back to Kansas City to meet some amazing people. You are gonna love it there! We are going to serve others with love and food!"
View from The Hungry Hatch driver's seat
My view

Well, just when we thought we were golden, about 11 o’clock we stopped at a gas station in a little town just off the interstate to fill up with gas and the truck wouldn’t start again. We tried several times to jump start it and it wouldn’t turn over. Sigh.

Was this it? My husband did check with a truck shipping company to haul it back if we needed, but yikes on the pocketbook!

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